Warehouse logistics

Professionally stored

You have the goods and we have the storage capacities. Herewith we achieve flexible warehouse solutions, – from existence – and replenishment managements, via short-term temporary storage and cross-docking, to the complete logistics-outsourcing with own equipment and personnel.

Our resources include

  • 260,000 square meters owned storage space
  • Temperature control from 8°C until 18°C
  • Fully automatic high-rack storage
  • Warehouse facilities for hazardous goods
  • Rail connections

Our storage spaces can be used for

  • Shelved storage CCG1, CCG2 and industrial pallets
  • Block storage
  • Transhipment / cross docking
  • Value-added services such as for ex. picking, packaging, display preparation and labelling

Here you can find out in which areas we implement our storage solutions today

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